Current advances in robotic healthcare are set to revolutionize the medical field. But at what cost?

In recent years, there has been a significant rise in the number of autonomous robotic systems (ARS) in the field of medicine. …

How to eliminate distractions and live a more focused life.

We live in a digital age of distraction. A digital age full of distractions.

These distractions come in various shapes and sizes — emails, phone calls, text messages, medium notifications — all competing for our time, trying to harvest our attention.

This can be a real problem, though, especially when…

To make technology inclusive, we need to address low levels of digital literacy in older adults.

Digital literacy is an important consideration when creating an online application, particularly when dealing with the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). The reasons are simple.

Learning to use technologies can help older…

A quick overview of how to apply the statistical relevance model

The statistical relevance (SR) model, developed primarily by Wesley Salmon (1984), requires that, given a particular explanation, the related things explaining it (i.e., the explanans) are statistically relevant to the thing being explained (i.e., the explanandum), irrespective of the consequential degree of probability¹.

The basic idea of the SR model…

A clear overview of merge conflicts and fake conflicts on GitHub

If you didn’t already know, Github is an open-source distributed version control system for building software and sharing code. It's indispensable for any software development project because it stores a complete history of your project, providing a version control system for managing your source code.

It’s important, however, to use…

An overview of the two main software development models

In this article, I give a quick overview of the two main software development models used during the development lifecycle, and offer my opinion on which is the best.

Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC)

To produce working software, it is important to follow a recognized method. …

Online games offer a fun way for older adults to reconnect with loved ones

According to recent figures, around 50% of people over the age of 60 will face social isolation and around 33% will experience some level of loneliness during the remaining period of their lives¹.

These figures point…

We don’t find our passions, we make them.

“Just find your passion”.

That’s what people say. If you search hard enough, you’ll find it. It’s out there. Somewhere. And once you find it, everything else will just fall into place.

We’ve all heard this before.

But passions aren’t something that we find, they’re something that we create. We…

Perfectionism isn’t as bad as everyone says. Here’s why.

Why does everyone poo-poo perfectionism?

A quick look online reveals countless articles claiming that perfectionism is bad. That it holds people back, driving them towards impossible standards. But I disagree.

As far I’m concerned, being a perfectionist is good in many ways, not least of all because it helps you…

And help protect endangered species

There are little over 500 Amur tigers currently living in eastern Russia.

Despite big efforts to protect this species, they remain on the brink of extinction.

But all is not lost. 2000 miles away in Shanghai, a team of computer scientists has applied deep learning techniques to reimagine the conservation…

Max Skipper Griffiths

Writer | Runner | Programmer • PhD student Researching Trust in Human-Robot Interactions

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